Poof! It’s All Gone

In “Poof!…” Terry Taffinder Grosvenor explores facets of love and a woman’s journey through the demise of a long-term relationship. After going through a divorce herself and countless conversations with friends who passionately described their own experiences, Terry was inspired to give these feelings a voice through music. Thirteen songs evolve in ways that touch on a mix of emotions: from joy and hope, to confusion, heartbreak, anger, and finally resignation and a new sense of self-confidence. In her typical fashion, Terry weaves insightful lyrics and catchy melodies with her beautiful voice and harmonies – writing, performing and arranging every note herself. Don’t miss this meaningful, musical story that will resonate with you, no matter where you are in your adult life.  Favorite Songs include: “Falling in Love Again”, “Without You” and “Blue Water”.

Click on the tunes below to get a 30 second sample.  Listen here and take the music with you by purchasing and downloading Terry’s tunes.  If you want to gift Terry’s music, click here to order this CD-R at Amazon.

“POOF! IT’S ALL GONE” is a creative, unusual album of great songs written by singer/songwriter Terry Taffinder Grosvenor, based on the beginning of a relationship, right on through disbelief, confusion, the actual breakup of a long-standing commitment, the aftermath and eventual renewal where the wounded party is whole and healthy again. These tunes are catchy and memorable.

Approximately 50 minutes long. Musical styles vary from ballads, to country, to pop and rock musical. This is an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL MUSIC ALBUM published by R&T Grosvenor Publishing. TERRY TAFFINDER GROSVENOR wrote, arranged, played all the instruments and sang all of the parts on these tracks. R&T Grosvenor Publishing is the only authorized distributor of this physical product.

List of songs on “POOF! IT’S ALL GONE:”

1. Starting to Fall
2. One of These Days
3. Indecision
4. Bring Back the Days
5. Without You
6. Poof! It’s All Gone
7. All You Can Do Is Think About You
8. Where Do You Go?
9. One For You and One For Me
10. Where Have All My Good Years Gone?
11. Strong Hearts
12. Blue Water
13. Second Time Around
What are these songs about?

  1. Falling in Love Again – Have you ever lost your true love, feeling that you will never love again, only to discover that you can still experience strong emotions with someone new?
  2. One of These Days, I’ll Find a Way to You – A woman fantasizing about overcoming all obstacles if there is a way to win her lover back.
  3. Indecision – Do you have those days when you have no answers, nothing you do seems to work, and it’s impossible to move forward.
  4. Bring Back the Days – Remembering a time when love was new and desiring to start over again.
  5. Without You – Day-to-day dysfunction and frustration. A plea to hear the truth and not play games.
  6. Poof! It’s All Gone – A marriage blows up because of a betrayal. Vows have been broken and irrevocable damage has been done.
  7. All You can do is Think about You – A modern “You’re so Vain” about a partner who’s totally absorbed in their own feelings and has no perception of the pain and destruction they’ve caused.
  8. Where do You Go? – What happens when the dust has settled and it’s time to leave?
  9. One for You and One for Me – Who gets the fica tree? A humorous song about divorce, dividing worldly goods, and the positive side of being single again.
  10. Where Have All My Good Years Gone – Looking back, bemoaning the fact that so many good years were invested and wasted in the relationship, a woman wonders whether she was a fool not to have seen the signs sooner.
  11. Strong Hearts – Why is it we end up loving the people we do? This piece is about forgiveness and a deep-seated desire to find real meaning in our lives and relationships – both the bad and the good.
  12. Blue Water: – Our heroine comes full circle, back to a happy place where she can be playful, relax, and feel whole again.
  13. Second Time Around – Here we go again – toying with the idea of getting back together, either as the reunion of the broken relationship, or as two divorcees who hope to get it right this time around.

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  1. I just finished reading best seller “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins and couldn’t help but connect many of the thoughts and sentiments of the leading characters, Rachel, Megan and Anna, to an album of songs I released recently called “Poof! It’s All Gone.”

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