Lollipops: Pop Songs for Young Rockers!

Terry Taffinder Grosvenor is an internationally recognized performer and songwriter.  She has carefully crafted her children’s music to appeal to kids of all ages, especially those in kindergarten through fourth grade.  Her use of classic children’s poetry has drawn the enthusiastic acclaim of educators around the world and allowed these timeless themes to be enjoyed by today’s young minds, as well as fondly remembered by parents and grandparents.

Terry Taffinder Grosvenor’s third album, “Lollipops: Pop Songs for Young Rockers”, includes a number of tracks that are penned with her original lyrics.  This fun and bouncy collection of pop songs includes a number of favorites, “Ballerina Doll”,  “Mama, Mama, I want an Iguana” and “Party Dogs”, which came out long before “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men, and we imagine may have been the inspiration for their song.

“LOLLIPOPS” is a creative, fun album of great songs for the whole family. Children love to sing along and move to the lyrics. The tunes are catchy and memorable. Approximately 40 minutes long.

This is an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL MUSIC ALBUM and printed lyrics published by R&T Grosvenor Publishing. TERRY GROSVENOR wrote, arranged, played all the instruments and sang all the parts on these tracks.

R&T Grosvenor Publishing and cdBaby are the only authorized distributors of this physical product. Professionally pressed CD.

Digital samples, albums and individual songs are available for download and purchase at cdBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many other sites.  Listen here and take the music with you by purchasing and downloading Terry’s tunes.  If you want to gift her music, you can click here to purchase a CD on eBay.

List of songs on “Lollipops:”
1. Iguana
2. Sea Shell
3. Billy Goats Gruff
4. My Lucky Day
5. Party Dogs
6 The River Nile
7. Shut-Eye Train
8. Mama Blues
9. The Spider and the Fly
10. Simple as ABC
11. Ballerina Doll
12. The Chicken Song
13. I’m So Tired


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