Feathers, Fur and Fun!

Terry’s latest album, with its catchy melodies and family friendly lyrics, will get your feet tapping and uplift your spirits.  Her music appeals to young and old.  She believes that   listening to your child’s or grandchild’s cd, tape or download should be as much fun for     you as it is for your little ones.  Her songs are sophisticated enough to engage adult ears as well as melodic enough to keep children enthralled.  We hope you enjoy these happy songs about animals, seasons and childhood.  If you have a moment, please let us know your thoughts!

“FEATHERS,FUR AND FUN” is a creative, fun album of great songs for the whole family. Children love to sing along and move to the lyrics. The tunes are catchy and memorable. Approximately 50 minutes long.

This is an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL MUSIC ALBUM and printed lyrics published by R&T Grosvenor Publishing. TERRY GROSVENOR wrote, arranged, played all the instruments and sang all the parts on these tracks.

R&T Grosvenor Publishing is the only authorized distributor of this physical product. This is a CD-R in a slim DVD pack.

Digital samples, albums and individual songs are available for download and purchase at cdBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many other sites.  If you want to gift Terry’s music, you can purchase the CD on eBay by clicking here.

List of songs on “FEATHERS, FUR AND FUN:”

1. Hey, Hey, Mr. Platypus
2. Two Flamingos Did A Fandango
3. Ramona The Ray
4. The Pony Song
5. Zoon, Zoon, Cuddle and Croon
6 Thank You, Teacher
7. Summertime
8. Shining Star
9. Little Drops Of Water
10. The Monkey Ball
11. Little Johnny Scarey
12. Once There Was An Elephant
13. Young Mr. Toad
14. The Sandman
15. Shortenin’ Bread
16. Come, Little Leaves, Said the Wind One Day
17. Celebrate The Day
18. The Railway Cat

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