Terry and Andrew featured in Newport Daily News article

Terry Grosvenor of Newport performs as Terry Taffinder, and her son Andrew Grosvenor of Concord, N.H., performs as Andrew North. Each created albums of at least 10 songs or 35 minutes of music during the month of February.

NEWPORT — Terry and Rick Grosvenor are a team as real estate brokers, but they are also well-known artists in the city — Terry as a singer and songwriter and Rick as a painter and co-producer of his wife’s 11 albums.

Their son, Andrew Grosvenor, 35, now lives in Concord, New Hampshire, as a practicing attorney, but he also has a strong avocation in music and performs as Andrew North with his band, The Rangers, when he has time.

Mother and son recently took on the RPM Challenge 2019, now a worldwide internet contest in which competitors have the month of February to create an album of at least 10 songs or 35 minutes of music.

Terry Grosvenor MusicNewport Daily News writes about Terry and Andrew’s music!
Check it out by clicking the link here: https://www.newportri.com/news/20190317/this-family-rises-to-challenge-makes-albums-in-month

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Terry’s latest album is a savory selection of new songs

Fine Wine

This musical album is like a fine wine – it is intoxicating and gets better and better with each listening. The songs have lots of flavor, rhythm and harmony. Sample and enjoy!

Please check out Terry’s latest effort that she completed in conjunction with the 2019 RPM Challenge, the requirement of which is to compose either 10 songs or 35 minutes of music during the month of February.  It is well worth the listen and covers a variety of experiences.  Click here for a taste – Fine Wine

Fine Wine is Terry Grosvenor’s 11th album, filled with a wide variety of original songs, utilizing different styles – pop, rock, folk, country, ballads and blues. Her perspective is unique, and she writes, arranges and performs all the music and vocal tracks herself. Like a bottle of fine vintage wine, Terry’s life has been well lived, with many rich experiences. This album includes playful, funny songs, such as: Fine Wine, Lemonade, I Want My Life Back, Guess I’ve Got The Music In Me and Go Granny, Go. Other tracks are about insights into personal relationships, family ties and memories about those that are no longer with us: Each Year Together, You, You, You, I Will Try, Sorry, and Reflections. Several recent trips inspired Love Song To Cuba and Day Trip To Martha’s Vineyard. Terry loves the creative process. Each day is a gift – full of opportunities and more chances to give form to something that wasn’t there before.

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“Leaving the Rat Race,” a great album containing songs of escape. Enjoy!

You can hear the full length song “Sail Away (Newport)”.  When you open the link below, you can choose “View Track List” and click on “Sail Away (Newport)”, Number 3 on the list.

Cover art by Rick Grosvenor…

Cover Art - "Leaving the Rat Race" by R. Curtis Grosvenor

Cover Art – “Leaving the Rat Race” by R. Curtis Grosvenor

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I wanna be the First Woman President – Hillary


Hillary Clinton has been in the news a lot recently. I want to share a song a wrote years ago and modified when she was running against President Obama. The number of presidents in the lyrics is incorrect; it should be 44. I hope you enjoy I Wanna be the First Woman President song that we put up on YouTube.

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A Halloween Treat!!

As a special treat this Halloween – here’s the full “Little Orphant Annie” Song for your listening enjoyment!  Look out or the goblins’ll get you!

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The Wreck of the Old 97

The wreck of the Old 97

The wreck of the Old 97


I have always been drawn to poetry because of its rhythms and rhymes. I came across an old poem entitled “The Wreck of the Old 97” about a Southern Railroad mail train that derailed in Virginia in 1903. The New York Times ran the headline, “97 Train Falls 75 Feet. Everyone on Board Killed or Badly Injured, Cars and Cargo Demolished.”

It’s a very sad tale that I found quite moving, so I set the poem to music, not realizing that this had been done by other balladeers in the past. If you’d like to hear my rendition, it’s number 14 on the Tigress album click here to go there, where you click “view track list” under the image of the album cover to choose #14.

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